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The crypto world is fast evolving and the rest of the world will soon be trying to keep up. With the announcement of Facebook’s Libra coin, a newfound legitimacy for crypto and blockchain has arisen amongst businesses and investors alike. And yet, there are very real fears about Facebook becoming a world bank. It’s bad enough they have such a monopoly on social media.

We’ve been waiting for a new platform to rise up and become the disruption that the centralized social media world needs. And it may finally be happening courtesy of Block One and EOS.  Intended to be a rework of the many shortcomings of total’s social media landscape, Voice promises social engagement and interaction that rewards users for their content. What a novel idea.

I’m Joel Comm (and I’m Travis Wright), and we welcome you to a new show dedicated to what we believe might be the disruption we’ve all been waiting for. This is Episode #1 of EOS Voice News. podcast


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